Product Description

After 20 years, the world has finally caught up with Daft Punk, the illusive helmet-clad retro-futurists with who the world has become so familial. Now you may too experience the undeniable awesomeness that is Daft Punk, as we bring you the chance to book the Daft Punk Tribute Act, a brilliantly unique and alternative DJ and entertainment solution for any Party , Wedding , Music Festival, Nightclub DJ option, or as an unique DJ for corporate events.

“Looking at robots is not like looking at an idol. It’s not a human being, so it’s more like a mirror - the energy people send to the stage bounces back and everybody has a good time together rather than focusing on us” — Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (gold helmet)

Disclaimer: The Daft Punk Tribute act are in no way attempting to impersonate the original Daft Punk act, they are merely a tribute to the original Daft Punk in all their greatest and therefore should only be considered as such.

Please note, the following check list & information is important and should be considered when booking your DJ.

  • Other music styles available.
  • Can start performance not in costume. ( 2 shows in one! )
  • Music format and duration needs to be confirmed well in advance of the event.
  • Secure room for equipment and changing into costume, close to stage.
  • Price includes all delivery Set up and Collection one hour before Event Time. 
  • Included PA  - Sound system suitable for up to 120 people approx.