Product Description

Why not try something new with our unique alternative to DJ’s with Mouse-Head , the ultimate Fun and Novelty DJ. Bring a new dimension to your club nights , product launches and drive a new hightened level of excitement with our unique DJ idea exclusively from

100% money back guarantee.

Please note, the following check list & information is important and should be considered when booking your DJ.

  • Show is 90 X mins normal dj style trim 90 mins with helmet 
  • All music styles available.
  • Can start performance not in costume. ( 2 shows in one! )
  • Music format and duration needs to be confirmed well in advance of the event.
  • Secure room for equipment and changing into costume, close to stage.
  • Price includes all delivery Set up and Collection one hour before Event Time. 
  • Included PA  - Sound system suitable for up to 120 people approx